Best football pictures

best football pictures

Our sports picture editor has trawled the archives to pick out some of the best World Cup images ever taken. The Getty Images photographers Mike Hewitt and Alexander Hassenstein were assigned to take pictures of all the leading contenders and. In pics: the best photo since the Premier League's inception 20 years ago. Premier League in pictures: best shots of the last 20 seasons In Football. best football pictures


Right Moment FOOTBALL Pics / Funny Fail Compilation Barry Sanders, the one and only!!! Bob Beamon Summer Olympics, Oct. Billy Kilmer and Manny Fernandez Super Bowl VII, Jan. The irony, as explained in this articleis that Diego Maradona wasn't attempting to take on a posse of Best football pictures players, as the image seems to imply. I acknowledge that I have read the Privacy Policy. Have a Jezt spiele Player at home? It could be argued that the crop of this image is fractionally out, or perhaps entirely the wrong orientation if only the image was vertical and the arc of the water spout was intact, was my immediate thought.

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