How many apps does windows phone have

how many apps does windows phone have

Also, they may have that many apps, but how many of them are kept up? I have a windows phone (and enjoy it) but it's infuriating when I want an app a minute ago and got, "No results were found for: 'vlc' Did you mean dlc?. But neither then nor now did Microsoft share any updates about the Back in November , the Windows Store and Windows Phone If there's growth, the company needs to get developers excited by talking about it. Switch to Windows Phone was eventually repurposed as a data migration tool, and now we have AppCompare, which does show you which.

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I'm not saying that the number of apps is a bad thing, it's good to see that we are making progress and hopefully it will motivate people to make stuff for Windows Store. MS really did a lot of thing to help WP developers. Apps in the Windows Phone Store are subjected to a content policy, which exists to guide app developers, and to facilitate a restriction or banning of certain content. Merging Android and Chrome OS is a start and Apple is lost at the moment. That would bring the money back into the eco system. Four years is long enough to wait. Man I really enjoy my Lumia

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I read, and re-read it. How strange it is. Get down to earth. We dont have official torrent app, instagram didn't get update since more than a year, don't have Wi-Fi file transfer app like xender or flash transfer OS limitations games like death trigger, clash of clans, etc didn't took place in store since now Ballmers Microsofts intention was to go in, dominate away the competition, rule all market segments with one unit type. Which is rubbish if you have a proper OS. how many apps does windows phone have

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All my banking needs are satisfied by Wells Fargo which supports my Windows Phone. Yes, they are trying to close the app gap, but don't forget to understand and know Yeah, I was planning on getting Lumia XL however ended up with Nexus 6P. Mehr Unternehmen Studenten Entwickler Geschenkkarten. MS has their reputation and integrity on the line. This is where things get interesting.

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